Department of Bioanalytical Instrumentation



Visiting Scientists

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Exploring the world of

  • Capillary separations
  • Mass spectrometry coupling
  • Miniaturization
  • Single cell analysis


Current grants

  • GAČR 17-01995S, (2017-2019) Analysis of molecular signaling in individual cells of tissue structures) – Ing. Karel Klepárník, CSc.

  •  GAČR 18-03367Y, (2018-2020) Photon upconversion barcoding for bioanalysis in droplet microfluidics – Mgr. Antonín Hlaváček, Ph.D.

  •  GAČR 18-00062S, (2018-2020) Highly sensitive glycoprotein analysis with new tagging reagents for fluorescence detection and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry – Mgr. Jana Křenková, Ph.D.

  •  MŠMT MTB 8F17003, (2017-2020) (Microelectrophoretic tools for bioanalysis - Ing. František Foret, DSc.

  •  SAV SAV-18-16, (2018-2020) Monitoring of effects of natural and synthetic ligands of nuclear retinoid receptors on key proteins involved in epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human breast cancer cells by the mass spectrometry - Ing. Janette Bobáľová, CSc.

  •  EST EST-18-03, (2018-2020) Non-invasive sampling and analysis of body fluids of sportsman for optimalization of training load- doc. RNDr. Petr Kubáň,Ph.D.

  •  AV ČR MTA-19-06, (2019-2021) Synthesis and application of new tagging reagents for glycosylation analysis – Mgr. Jana Křenková, Ph.D.