11. 09. 2023
In our imagination, crystals are clear, dazzling, and beautiful. The real thing, however, is a bit less glamorous. A crystal is in fact primarily a 3D building block of atoms and molecules. ...
30. 08. 2023
Researchers from the IOCB of the CAS, the Institute of Physics of the CAS and Palacký University Olomouc have made a groundbreaking discovery – using an advanced method of scanning electron microscopy, they’ve managed to image not only the ...
17. 08. 2023
Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wonder Woman... Our modern culture is rife with fictional figures wielding extraordinary abilities. However, superheroes are nothing new. ...
14. 08. 2023
The development of new antibiotics is one of the global health challenges of our time. Now, in an international collaboration with the University of Tokyo, researchers from the Institute of Microbiology of the CAS have decoded the structure of a ...
02. 08. 2023
It was dark when the train arrived in Auschwitz. To the sound of barking dogs, kicking, and swearing, she was forced out of the carriage and made to walk to the camp. ...
27. 07. 2023
There are places to explore in cities that urban planners never put on the map, and there are urban beauties that nobody intended to show. There are facets of the city that aren’t part of its official image. ...
24. 07. 2023
He was deciding between a career as a basketball player and an artist, but eventually, plant cells won out. Surprisingly, the processes occurring in seemingly static flowers are more dynamic and exciting than one might think. ...
17. 07. 2023
When it comes to retaining water, mountain peatlands do not behave like a sponge. Most of the rainwater drains out of them in the form of so-called fast water, which can raise the level in watercourses quite abruptly. ...



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